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 Avatar the last airbender-Book 1: Water

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PostSubject: Avatar the last airbender-Book 1: Water   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:07 pm

Book 1: Water

Chapter 1-the boy in the iceberg
In this chapter two brothers from South water tribe called Sokka and discover a boy Katara folder frozen in air an iceberg that has the name Last Airbender episodes. The two brothers if surprised it doesn't know about the war with the nation of fire and Katara just realizing that last Airbender episodes became frozen for 100 years. At the same time, Zuko that needed to capture the avatar to recover his honour discovers that is alive and going to your search.

Chapter 2-the return of Avatar
Last Airbender episodes is banned from South water tribe because Sokka think he sent a signal fire nation. The vessel was going beyond Zuko, when it arrives Last Airbender episodes and is captured by it. Katara decide to redeem Sokka and Last Airbender episodes and begin your journey with them to find a master folder of water.

Chapter 3-the Temple of South air
Katara Sokka, go to the Last Airbender episodes and air South Temple. Katara decides to hide the evidence of Last Airbender episodes which claim the prize-doubling of air are dead, but don't get success and it discovers the monk Gyatso dead, entering in the State of avatar. In this episode last Airbender episodes achieves a new mascot: Momo.

Chapter 4-the Guerreiras of Kyoshi
Katara and Sokka Last Airbender episodes, go to the island Kyoshi, where Last Airbender episodes or mounted in a giant fish. They were just being captured by guerreiras Kyoshi, but they are dropped because find Last Airbender episodes is the avatar. Descriminando the guerreiras Sokka just because they are women, but realizes that was wrong and decides to train with them. Last Airbender episodes is greatly appreciated by the inhabitants and fight with Katara.

Chapter 5-the King of Omashu
Katara Last Airbender episodes, Sokka and Omashu, where they go to discover a King geek who speaks for the Last Airbender episodes perform three challenges, otherwise, a mineral will cover the whole body of Sokka and Katara. Last Airbender episodes discovers that this King geek is actually your old friend Bumi.

Chapter 6-imprisoned
Katara, Sokka and Last Airbender episodes will stop in a village dominated by fire nation. There can fold the Earth, even as a young man called Haru trains folding and uses it to save an old that after the delivery of the fire nation that takes you to a prison made of metal, where the prize-doubling Earth can fold nothing. Katara makes a plan to save Haru and other prize-doubling of Earth prisoners.

Chapter 7-the winter solstice part 1: the world of ghosts
It is necessary that the avatar master Last Airbender episodes flip a when is recruited to help get rid of a spiritual monster of a town, a perfect job for the Avatar, which Last Airbender episodes has no idea how to do. When the monster spiritual arrives in town, Last Airbender episodes tries to prevent it from destroying it, but the seqüestra Sokka Monster. Last Airbender episodes returns to the village, but nobody could see or hear it. He was in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world it finds a dragon and discover what will your next mission, which was to find your avatar antecedent (avatar Roku), because it had an extremely important information. The only problem was that to find the avatar Roku, Last Airbender episodes should go to a temple that is inside the fire nation, and will come in place before the winter solstice, i.e. a couple of days. Last Airbender episodes can exit the spiritual world, and with the experience we gained, he established peace between the village and the spirit. The city is saved and Sokka returns. But the group will have to face a new challenge.

Chapter 8-O Winter Solstice part 2: the Avatar Roku
Last Airbender episodes, Sokka, Katara, Momo and Appa entering the fire nation for that last Airbender episodes can speak with Roku. Last Airbender episodes discovers that you have to defeat Mr del Fuego Ozai before the end of the summer because it passes a comet will fold incredible power to prize-doubling of fire that neither the avatar can stop them. But Zuko and Zhao, hoping it will.

Chapter 9-vellum Waterbending's
Katara stole a doorpost pirates water fold and now they want the valuable vellum, but will not be easy because either the avatar Zuko. Last Airbender episodes learns the fold, and simple Katara learns the whip.

Chapter 10-Jet
Last Airbender episodes, Katara and Sokka know inkjet, the leader of the freedom fighters, who are most warriors, underage. Katara seems like a little of it until you know that his intention was to destroy an entire village to leave the Valley saved.

Chapter 11-the great Division
Last Airbender episodes, Katara and Sokka know two rival tribes: the Zhangs and Gan-Jins. These two enemy tribes are more than 100 years because of a history that nobody knows what happened between two men: Chin Wei Wei and Jin.

Chapter 12-storm
Katara know best what happened last Airbender episodes before stay stuck in the iceberg. Iroh account soldiers fire as nation that as his scar Zuko succeeded in the left eye.

Chapter 13-blue spirit
After the great storm, Sokka and Katara Last Airbender episodes are seized and looks for a cure, but it is captured by Zhao during its path.

Capítulolo 14-the fortune teller
Last Airbender episodes makes a paste to Katara, since she lost the other, when she just if apaixonando. Now they are a man who leads to a village with a guess, TIA Wu. In the village people trust very Wu forecasts of Tia and don't believe in science. The guess makes estimates by clouds and sees that the village will not be destroyed by the volcano that is next to it. However, in an attempt to conquer Katara, Last Airbender episodes and Sokka, climbing to the top of the volcano to catch a panda, when they see Lilium lava and discover that will come into the volcano eruption. Now they have to convince the village that aunt Wu has cavem a barrier at the base of the volcano and before the lava destroy everything.

Chapter 15-knock water tribe
Katara and Sokka reencontram knock, a friend of his tribe. During his last Airbender episodes seems to be a rematch, through sad to not be gaining attention and conceals a message that leads to Katara Sokka and parent. Meanwhile, Zuko, Iroh and a Huntress rewards, June, use a beast that sees by smells and follow the smell of Katara necklace to try to find the avatar. Now Last Airbender episodes will prevent your friends are attacked by beast and retrieve Katara necklace.

Chapter 16-Desertor
After you go to a nation's festival of fire last Airbender episodes knows a former soldier fire nation that serves a fire fold master called Jeong Jeong. This master teaches the Last Airbender episodes folding firearms just burning Katara hands. At the moment Zhao appears to fight with Last Airbender episodes that have to use what you have learned in fire fold to defeat it.

Chapter 17-the Temple of Northern air
Last Airbender episodes, Katara and Sokka go to Northern air Temple. They are Earth Kingdom citizens living in place because of a fire nation's attack. One of these people is Teo, his father was weapons fire nation that was used for destruction. The fire nation learns that avatar is in the temple and attacking, but wrong's attack thanks to citizens. Finally, the prize-doubling firearms can a balloon.

Chapter 18-Waterbending master
Finally Last Airbender episodes, Katara, Sokka, Appa and Momo hit northern water tribe. Last Airbender episodes is very happy to finally find a water fold master except Katara because of a law saying that women cannot double the water, only cure.

Chapter 19-the siege of northern part 1
The fire nation begins to attack the northern water tribe. Last Airbender episodes helps prize-doubling of water but it seems to be impossible to combat them. That is why, Last Airbender episodes enters the spiritual world to seek help. While incociente, Zuko capture Last Airbender episodes.

Chapter 20-the siege of northern part 2
Within the spiritual world, Last Airbender episodes can help Roku says that may have the help of Koh, the thief of faces. With the help, Last Airbender episodes enters the avatar State and won the battle.
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Avatar the last airbender-Book 1: Water

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