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PostSubject: Avatar Aang   Avatar Aang EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 7:18 pm

Avatar Aang Avatar-The-Legend-Of-Aang-PS2

Nationality: air nomadic
Gender: male
Hair color: black (usually shaven)
Gray eyes color:
Age: 12 (Biological)/112 (chronological)
Position: protagonist, air and Avatar folder
First appearance " Boy in the iceberg "
Dubbing original: Zach Tyler Eisen
Brazilian: Erick Bougleux dubbing

Last Airbender episodes is a vegetarian, as shown in the episode " King Omashu ", where he refuses to eat meat. It also doesn't like to fight, as narrated in the episode " Spiritual world ", in which he tries to convince a spirit not destroy a village, rather than face the beast directly. During the series, Last Airbender episodes prides itself on having a vast network of friends that spans all four Nations.

Last Airbender episodes reveals "Storm" that he would have helped his people hundred years before, although I would have liked to live as normal a child without worry or responsibilities. On several occasions he shows great affection for their friends, point to fool them to keep the United Group. "Knock tribe of water", Katara with fear and Sokka can abandon it to rediscover the parent them Last Airbender episodes conceals the map that showed his whereabouts.

Thanks to their air fold Last Airbender episodes can perform several flight prowess, be mounted on a sphere of air or using your stick glider, although in most cases it prefer fly Appa mounted.

Folding Last Airbender episodes air used by is based on a Chinese martial art called Baguazhang. This style of fight uses circular movements, and generally do not have many finishing techniques. Such characteristics intend to represent the unpredictability of air and also the peaceful nature of the prize-doubling of air.
In a flashback in the episode "Storm" (12 of the first season), the old temple monks of South air meet with Last Airbender episodes and shown that it is the reincarnation of avatar. The monk Gyatso, mentor Last Airbender episodes, insists that he must be created as a child's normal, but his colleagues rejecting its interference and decide to send Last Airbender episodes to Eastern Air Temple. Not wishing to be away from his mentor, and scared his new responsibilities, the Last Airbender episodes avoids Appa mounted Temple, its bison albacore. In the first two episodes of the first season, we know that the two matters with a violent storm that shot at the bottom of the ocean. At that time, Last Airbender episodes entered first Avatar, using the fold of air and water to protect yourself with an air bubble Appa frozen.

After a hundred years imprisoned within an iceberg, Appa Last Airbender episodes and are released by Sokka Katara and his brother. Is the beginning of an endless stream of adventures, where four characters departing toward northern water tribe to find a master in Katara water fold. Last Airbender episodes is the spirit of its previous incarnation, the Avatar Roku, which informs that he should learn to dominate all elements and defeat Mr del Fuego Ozai before the return of Comet Sozin at the end of summer. In the second season last Airbender episodes knows Toph, a blind girl who becomes his master in Earth's fold. Some episodes then Sokka discovers that a solar eclipse that happens before the arrival of Comet Sozin, leaving the prize-doubling firearms without power. At the end of the second season, Last Airbender episodes become battle in underground caves Ba Sing. It is fatally affecting injured to be achieved by lightning of blue, but it is drained by Katara, using water from the spiritual oasis.

Last Airbender episodes in season, and their friends gain a new enemy-a murderer hired by Zuko, able to bend the fire with a third eye on your forehead. Despite the defeat of the Kingdom of land in the second season remaining Last Airbender episodes and its allies invading the fire nation's capital in double "episode Day of Sun, but his plan of attack is frustrated by blue. In the next episode Zuko offers as master fire to fold, which accepts same Last Airbender episodes with mistrust of your friends.
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