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 Katara, a waterbender

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PostSubject: Katara, a waterbender   Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:31 pm

First appearance: the boy of the iceberg
Age: 14
Gender: female
Brown hair color:
Eye color: Blue
Skills: Hidrocinese
Blood handling
Original Proclamation: Mae Whitman
Proclamation in Brazil: Louise Palomanes

Katara had eight years old when his mother was lost in the fire nation attack, it she resigned himself to a maternal and household while his brother Sokka train to become a warrior. When she completed 12 years old, his father, Hakoda, and other men of tribe departed for the Kingdom of Earth to participate of resistance to fire nation, leaving Katara, Sokka and his grandmother, Kanna, taking care of other villagers.

Two years later, during a fishery, Katara and Sokka found Last Airbender episodes and Appa imprisoned within an iceberg. They become great friends and Last Airbender episodes decides lead Katara until the tribe of northern water so that it can find a water fold master. They are well received by his tribe sister, but the master Pakku rejects Katara she be women. But thanks to his strong personality and fighting spirit, Katara can convince Pakku to teach it. She quickly learn how to improve your technique and from with Last Airbender episodes and Sokka towards Earth Kingdom, Katara is recognized for Pakku as a legitimate water fold master. Katara Pakku was also discovers that her grandmother and boyfriend that he who made the paste that it uses. In the third season Pakku and grandmother Katara marry.

At the beginning of the second season, Katara Pakku delivery to a bottle containing spiritual oasis water. It then accompanies Last Airbender episodes in the search for a master on Earth fold. In a fortress in the Kingdom of the Tarra demented General Fong puts Katara's life in danger, which angry Last Airbender episodes to point him enter Avatar (at that time, we know that Katara is to allay Last Airbender episodes so that it will return to normal). Later, in Ba Sing if Last Airbender episodes is fatally affecting injured, but thanks to the properties místicas spiritual oasis water, Katara can bring him back to life.

From the third season, Katara becomes increasingly powerful. It is an old inhabitant Hama, tribe water years before had been aprisionada by the fire nation. To escape his captivity, terrifying Hama developed a technique and mortal: folding blood, able to dominate the people and forcing them to perform any command, as if they were puppets. To save the lives of Last Airbender episodes and Sokka, Katara is obliged to use the fold blood Hama, then killed by remorse using a technique considered "cursed".

Mature and gentle, Katara took all domestic obligations tribe after the death of his mother. As the last dobradora water from South water tribe, Katara does not conceal his dream of one day becoming a great master. In some episodes, Katara demonstrates a great stubbornness, always trying to convince others that your opinion is more correct. This causes it to sometimes be seen as a person jealous, idealist and second Toph, "mandona". Katara times attempts to correct what makes things a little wrong. In the second episode of avatar book 3, katara eliminates factory that poluia River and it the tribes who lived in the surroundings of the factory was attacked by the fire nation's armies. It also tends to have access, anger and dissatisfaction, which, combined with its powerful water fold technique has devastating results.
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Katara, a waterbender

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