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PostSubject: Toph Bei Fong   Toph Bei Fong EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 7:35 pm

Toph Bei Fong Toph-1

Nationality: Kingdom of Earth
Gender: female
Hair color: black
Eye color: gray (blind)
Age: 12
Position: guardian, Warrior, Earth fold master
First appearance: " Swamp "vision of Last Airbender episodes)
"Blind" (Bandida) appearance

Dubbing: original Jessie Flower
Dubbing: Brazilian Ana Lucia Menezes
Toph is the only daughter of the rich family EIB Fong, who lives in the town of Gaoling in the Kingdom of Earth. Parents of Toph were superprotetores and attending their blindness as a defect, in the worst sense of the word. They they believed to be fragile and highly vulnerable, and to avoid risks to their health, were guards closely watching-and even its existence in complete secrecy.

To escape the excessive control of their parents, Toph agreed to join the Last Airbender episodes and their friends. In the beginning she said hate his family, but then confessed the tearjerker, Katara that probably should have a nerve to flee their homes. Later, Katara sent a message of well-being of Toph parents.

Despite his disability, special Toph developed techniques make it a powerful ground dobradora. Once when he was still very small, she fled home and hid in the caves. There, she found blind creatures, the Badgers-moles that inhabited the caves. Mimicking their movements, could develop their own Toph techniques Earth fold, becoming a self-taught master. Concealing his true potential of their parents and Master Yu, your teacher Earth, folding Toph secretly fought in the Arena of Xin Fu land, using the pseudonym "blind" Bandida.

During their travels with the Avatar social attitude Toph changes dramatically. It becomes much less esnobe and reserved, even very convinced. Their skills also fold increase in the second season, when she learns fold sand and special metal using his ability to "see" the impurities (small fragments of Earth) in the metal.

When you join in the Last Airbender episodes, colored Toph brings a totally new to class. Different from maternal Katara, "avoado" Last Airbender episodes or Toph Sokka, Dewey is totally independent, sarcástica, brutally frank and challenging. It seems to have the same personality casually and innovation of Last Airbender episodes and it is very masculine in Act and dress-the total opposite of fragile bonequinha image, such as their parents. However, unlike last Airbender episodes, which avoids fights whenever possible, Toph loves battles and has great pride your skills in Earth's fold.

Toph is embarrassingly honest to criticise others. It saves anyone from their views, regardless of age or social status, probably because he was very rich spoiled by their parents. Thanks to his period as competidora tournaments of struggle, it also specializes in cause and insult your opponents, and sometimes even your friends, especially Sokka. But underneath that gross appearance Toph loads large uncertainties because of their blindness. She has doubts as to its appearance because it is incapable of knowing how is its own vision. It has been excessively protected by their parents, Toph hates be guided. Their eagerness to demonstrate its strength and independence leads to many misunderstandings with bad Last Airbender episodes and the other at the beginning. It insists that can upload their own things and almost always confuses a simple kindness with an act of mercy. But after a meeting with Iroh, Toph realizes that last Airbender episodes, Katara and Sokka consequence it because they are your friends, not worthwhile.

Toph is your rest with hygiene. It is accustomed to throw on the floor and walk barefoot, which always leaves the soles of his feet obnoxious things-which is quite common ground among the prize-doubling since they must always be in direct contact with its own element. Toph is high, belching cutucar the nose, spitting and live covered with dust, or as it says, "healthy" ground coverage. Despite their habits coarse, Toph is actually very well educated in good manners and labels of high society-it simply ignores. Some attitudes of Toph over series suggest that she likes Sokka, as sit near him, when he is not next to the Earth, or feel the lack of a boy, does not assume and coloured as in Sokka master episode.
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Toph Bei Fong

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