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PostSubject: Winry Rockbell   Winry Rockbell EmptyFri Sep 11, 2009 9:52 pm

Winry Rockbell
Winry Rockbell Winry2

Winry is portrayed in the series as kind, optimistic, and sincere, acting like a concerned family member to the Elric brothers whenever in their company. Having known Edward and Alphonse since childhood, she maintains a close friendship with the two. In the story, she was orphaned at a young age when her parents, serving as doctors in the Ishbal war, were killed, so she lived with her grandmother in the town of Resembool from then on. Known as an "Automail Otaku", she is fascinated by any and all types of machines, tools, excelling in building and repairing automail, and she takes pride in her work as a mechanic. Along with her grandmother, Pinako, who is a famous automail engineer, the two run a small automail shop out of their home. They are also the ones who made and installed Edward's automail arm and leg after he lost his original limbs in a failed human transmutation of his mother. Winry takes it upon herself to make sure that his automail is in top form and will go out of her way to travel for servicing when it's needed. Despite being rather tomboyish she is perfectly willing to use her feminine charms to get what she wants. In the first anime series, it is hinted that Winry and Edward share romantic feelings for each other, but this is never confirmed. In the manga and second anime series, Winry eventually realizes that she loves Edward and has for most of her life. Ed shares similar feelings for her, but he constantly denies it.

Winry's first appearance in the manga is when the Elric brothers return to Resembool in order to make Winry and Pinako create another automail for Edward's right arm after it was destroyed by the Ishbalan "Scar". However, she forgets to add other parts to the automail, leading it to be broken after a short time. Therefore, Winry goes to Central City to fix Edward's automail. While the Elrics continue their search for the Philospher's Stone, Winry accompanies them to Rush Valley where she asks Garfiel, an automail engineer in Rush Valley, to be her teacher. After Garfiel realizes that Winry is Pinako's granddaughter, he decides to teach having had a relation with Pinako that terrifies him. Some time later, Winry returns with the Elrics to the Central Headquartes and find that their friend Maes Hughes was murdered. When the Elrics confront Scar once again in order to get closer to the Philosopher's Stone, Winry discovers during the fight that Scar killed her parents during the Ishbal Civil War. She tries to shoot Scar, but Ed jumps in front of her to protect her from Scar and pins the gun down . After Scar escapes, Winry returns to Rush Valley.

Due to her importance in the lives of the Elric brothers, Winry is used as a hostage by the military to gain Edward's obedience. State Alchemist Solf J. Kimblee takes Winry to the North Headquarters, saying that Edward's automail needs maintenance but just to keep using her as a hostage. Therefore, the Elrics are forced to capture Scar for the military, but Winry later bandages him as she thinks her parents would do the same. In order to escape from the military's possession, she decides to act as Scar's hostage. Winry is taken on a military train back into Resembool in a water tank. When she goes into her house, she finds Ed in her room, who tells her to leave the country, but she refuses, wanting to help Ed in any way that she can.
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