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Alphonse Elric
Alphonse Elric Alphonse_elric

Alphonse is a sweet boy who loves (mostly feline) strays, a very strong pacifist, and is kind and gentle to everyone. He almost stays the same age in his armor 'body' and because of this, speaks with a childs voice despite his size. Edward, feeling a tremendous guilt over affixing Al to something that won't grow or have senses, doesn't care what happens to himself and would without second thought give his life to give Al his body; he believes Al may lose his humanity. Alphonse is completely against Edward dying or being separated from him, so Al stops his brother from going too far for him.

Al is known to be one of his "tough-as-steel" older brother's very few weaknesses; enemies often take advantage over it. He sometimes feels that he is a burden to Edward, but he has saved his brother's life more than once.

Alphonse is seen as the counterpart of Edward. While Edward is demonstrated as violent, impulsive, stubborn, and loud, Alphonse is quiet, pacifistic, submissive, and strategical.

Since Al is bound to one of Hohenheim's antique suits of armour, he does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. Al's second wish (the first being to be able to eat apple pie) is to be able to sleep so that he does not have to spend his nights feeling lonely. He also wishes people would not call him a tin can. Also, because of his armor (and the fact that he is more imposing than Edward) most people who meet Alphonse automatically assume him of being the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Edward and Alphonse are both very loving and close to each other; in their traumatic struggles, they retained their very sanity by becoming each others support beams and only friends.

Alphonse is born in a small town named Resembool, where he lives with his older brother, Edward, and both of his parents, Trisha Elric and Hohenheim, until Hohenheim embarks on a journey and several years after, Trisha falls ill and dies, leaving the two young boys as orphans. Their neighbour, Pinako Rockbell, then begins looking after them. During that time, the brothers concentrate in studying alchemy in hopes of bringing their mother back to life and are able to train with a skilled alchemist named Izumi Curtis. When they return home from their training, they proceed to try the taboo art of Human transmutation but fail costing Edward his left leg, and costs Alphonse his entire body. Edward then performs a second transmutation, sacrificing his own right arm to bind Alphonse's soul to a nearby suit of armor.

In the manga Al eventually develops the ability to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle, the same as Ed. In the manga, when King Bradley impales Martel while she is inside Al's armored body, her blood spills onto his blood seal. This gives him a near-death experience, recalling to his mind his experience at the Doors of Truth. He realizes that he can transmute without a transmutation circle shortly thereafter. Also, in the manga, Alphonse is afraid that his armor will eventually reject his soul, which would mean his death.

When Ed was escaping from Gluttony's body, after being swallowed, the theory that Al's body was still in existence is proved, as Ed finds it on a return trip to the Doors, malnourished and unkempt, but very much alive. He shows the true nature of his body, showing that even though his body is almost impossible to recover, he won't give up, and so neither should they. During Ed's near-death experience, Al is shown as blacking out and seeing his body in the midst of a snowstorm. This suggests that his body is calling for his soul, showing the first sign of rejection. However, he manages to find the party and warns them, though Scar said that it is rather useless, since they had nowhere else to go. As of recent chapters, Al has been attacked by Pride and Gluttony, and was knocked out and possessed by Pride. However, with Ed's quick thinking and flash bangs, Pride's control over Al was broken. He then returned to the slum camp, where he met Hohenheim. Al came up with an idea to "beat" Pride. By Hohenheim using himself as a decoy, Pride moved all his shadows near him and was attacked by Al. Further distracted by Al, Hohenheim sealed Pride and Al in a large sphere made out of Earth. Al would be fine in there as he required no oxygen to survive. He started talking with Pride about how human he could be. At some point later Pride began banging on Alphonse's helmet, which Alphonse believed was just playing, in order to send a Morse code through the earth to Father. This worked and Kimblee came and released Pride. At this point, Kimblee and Pride proceed to ambush the group, and end up severely injuring Heinkel. Heinkel gives Alphonse the older Philosopher's Stone which was happened upon in the Briggs Mine. This gives them a great advantage, and with some strategical deception Heinkel is able to come back and deliver a fatal bite to Kimblee in the neck. Soon afterwards, the first stage of the giant transmutation circle is activated, and Alphonse is transported to the underground complex where Father is but when Ed calls to him he doesn't respond inferring that something happened while Al was transported there e.g. his soul might have separated from his armor body on the way there. This might be true because Al kept noticing the feeling was getting stronger and he was also close to the gate when he was transported which might have made the force even stronger. After some time it is revealed that he was at the gate with his body, when he was about to get it back though, he goes back through the gate to help his friends, as his body was not suitable for fighting. After he leaves, his body states he would be proud to be his container, but mentions that his return to the other side may only bring despair and ruin. Alphonse returns to an overjoyed Father, since now all five sacrifices are here.
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