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Second Season

13- "The Vampire Twins Comen"
Due to a spree of killings aimed at Hotel Moscow, Chang organizes a meeting between the major crime lords of Roanapur: himself, Balalaika, Abrego, a Colombian cartel boss, and Verrocchio, the leader of the Roanapur branch of the Italian mafia. Balalaika spurns Chang's attempts to foster cooperation, and insists that Hotel Moscow will find and eliminate the assassins. The following morning, two of Balalaika's subordinates are killed, and Watsap reveals that the assassins are a pair of twin children. A large bounty is placed on the twins, and as the city begins to fill with bounty hunters, Eda, a member of the Church of Violence, suggests to Revy that they join the hunt as well. At the twins' hideout, their sponsors are disgusted to find that the twins are brutally torturing one of Balalaika's subordinates. Meanwhile, Balalaika asks Rock for information concerning the twins' speaking mannerisms, and Rock realizes that they are related to vampires.

14 -"Bloodsport Fairytale"
Rock determines that the twins are from Romania, and Balalaika asks Rowan, the owner of a strip club, for all the Romanian snuff and pornographic films he has. Balalaika organizes a meeting with Chang, and she reveals that the twins are orphans from Nicolae Ceauşescu's regime named Hansel and Gretel that were sold on the black market and forced to participate in paedophilic snuff films. Chang agrees to form an alliance with Balalaika to eliminate the twins, and Balalaika mobilizes her Visotoniki, the former soldiers that fought with her in Afghanistan. Chang realizes that the twins are working for Verrocchio, and arrives at Verrocchio's headquarters. He finds the twins killing Verrocchio, and the twins escape. To distract the bounty hunters looking for them, the twins set up a decoy car, but are confronted by the Visotoniki and ultimately cornered by Eda and Revy.

15- "Swan Song at Dawn"
Eda and Revy begin a gunfight with the twins, but the Visotoniki arrive, putting an end to their fight. Hansel and Gretel decide to separate and Revy returns home. Gretel corners Eda, and while holding her as a hostage, requests that she find a getaway boat for herself and her brother. Meanwhile, the Visotoniki engage Hansel and despite his best efforts, suffer no casualties while attacking him for an entire night. Hansel eventually encounters Balalaika in a park, but is sniped by her men. Elsewhere, Gretel hires the Lagoon Company to transport her, and Rock listens to her recount her past. Sickened at the situation she had to endure due to Ceauşescu's regime and black marketeers, he vents his anger at Benny, who asserts that Rock cannot prevent all the injustice in the world. When the Black Lagoon reaches the getaway point, Gretel is killed by a hired gun from Hotel Moscow, but Rock notes that she died peacefully staring at the sky.

16- "Greenback Jane"
Greenback Jane, a money counterfeiter working for a Florida crime syndicate, angers her bosses by breaking a deadline, and is forced to escape to Roanapur. She comes to the Church of Violence, where Eda and Revy are present, but Eda refuses to allow her to enter. When the Florida mafia members arrive, they fire into the church, and Eda and Revy respond by returning fire at the mafia members. They are joined by Rico, an apprentice priest, and Yolanda and the mafia members are driven away. Inside the church, Jane proves her counterfeiting skill, and Eda sends her to a motel. Russel, a member of the Florida mafia, begins to collect bounty hunters in Roanapur, including Shenhua and Sawyer the Cleaner, a mute that uses a chainsaw in battle. Despite their willingness to take the bounty, the bounty hunters criticize Russel for his inexperience in the city and his cowboy appearance. As the bounty hunters depart, Rock, Eda, and Revy arrive at Jane's motel.

17- "The Roanapur Freakshow Circus"
The bounty hunters arrive at Jane's motel, and she escapes due to preparations Eda had made beforehand. Jane sees Eda and agrees to pay any price if Eda saves her. Eda and Revy force the bounty hunters to retreat and begin heading to the Black Lagoon. When Russel arrives at the scene, Shenhua demands more money since Eda and Revy are involved. Eda's plan to escape on the Black Lagoon is stymied since Dutch and Benny took it on a job, and they are forced to wait in the Lagoon Company dock house. They are attacked by the bounty hunters, who surround the building. As Shenhua and Sawyer arrive, Revy curses their misfortune, and Rock and Jane are forced to head to the roof when building is set on fire. Meanwhile, Dutch begins speeding back into port and Revy sets a trap for Shenhua.

18 -"Mr. Benny's Good Fortune"
Shenhua evades the trap, but is shot by Eda after Revy acts as a decoy. On the roof, Rock and Jane are confronted by Sawyer, but she goes into shock after losing her ultravoice in an explosion. As the building collapses, Dutch and Benny return to port, and Revy, Eda, Jane, and Rock jump onto the boat along with several of the bounty hunters. Dutch begins using evasive maneuvers to cause the bounty hunters to fall off the boat, and Revy dispatches the remaining bounty hunters except Russel, who manages to make it to the engine room, where he is confronted by Eda. Russel realizes that he saw Eda in Washington, D.C., and Eda reveals that she is a CIA agent before killing him. In the computer room, Benny manages to access Jane's counterfeiting files using his hacking talents, and Jane kisses him in return.

19- "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise"
Rock is hired by Balalaika to be her translator on a trip to Japan, and Revy accompanies him. Balalaika negotiates with the Washimine Group, a yakuza group fallen on hard times, and agrees to destroy the Kosa Council, another yakuza group, due to its ill treatment of the Washimine Group. Following the conclusion of their agreement, Balalaika orders an explosion at a Kosa Council base. Afterwards, Revy and Rock go to a Japanese festival, but Revy causes a scene when she loses at a shooting game. She is stopped by Ginji Matsuzaki, one of the festival vendors, and Ginji's companion stops the fight. She and Rock exchange pleasantries and as she leaves, she tells Rock that her name is Yukio. The following day, Tsugio Bando, the head of the Washimine Group, asks Ginji to aid him, recalling that Ginji was feared among all yakuza for his use of a katana in battle. Ginji refuses, citing the lack of justice in Bando's methods. Elsewhere, Rock visits his parents' home, leading Revy to mentally remark that Rock feels at home in Japan.

20- "The Succession"
Due to the brutality of Balalaika's attacks on the Kosa Council, Bando organizes another meeting with her, but learns that she will execute her plans as she sees fit. After the meeting, Rock is beaten by Chaka, a brazen Washimine Group member, and Revy promises to kill him. After asking Benny to send Revy her signature pistols, Rock meets Yukio again. The two discuss one's ability to choose their path in life, and Yukio quotes Jean-Paul Sartre. When she leaves, she tells Rock her surname is Washimine, and Rock realizes that she is part of the Washimine Group. At her home, Bando and Ginji discuss the future of the Washimine Group, noting that only a direct descendant of the previous boss can claim his position. The following day, Bando attempts to assassinate Balalaika, but fails and Balalaika kills him. After hearing this, Yukio, as the granddaughter of the previous leader, agrees to become the leader of the Washimine Group and Ginji swears his loyalty to her.

21- "Two Father's Little Soldier Girls"
Balalaika reminisces on her past, recalling that she intended to enter the Olympic rifle shooting event to restore the reputation of her father, and found herself at the front lines in the Soviet war in Afghanistan. Following the war, she and the soldiers formerly under her command joined the Russian mafia. As the new head of the Washimine Group, Yukio orders a counterattack at Hotel Moscow, and Ginji leads the attack. Revy, after picking up a package from Benny with her pistol, goes with Rock to speak with Yukio about withdrawing from the conflict. When Yukio returns home, she is kidnapped by Chaka and his men before Rock arrives. Ginji arrives at the house and Rock convinces him to let Revy aid him in recovering Yukio. When Ginji asks why Rock is aiding him, Rock responds that he cannot accept the notion that Yukio would throw away a normal life for that of the criminal underworld, which Ginji agrees with.

22- "The Dark Tower"
Revy and Ginji arrive at a bowling alley where Chaka is holding Yukio, and they dispatch his men. Chaka attempts to leave with Yukio, but Rock takes Yukio and escapes. Chaka meets Revy in a hallway and when he attempts to start a duel with her, she leads him to Ginji. Chaka attempts to shoot Ginji, but he cuts the incoming bullet in two with his katana. He then removes Chaka's arms with his katana and drowns him in the adjacent pool. Elsewhere, Yukio criticizes Rock for attempting to save her from falling into the criminal underworld, as she believes that he exists in a "twilight" between his old life in Japan and his criminal life in Roanapur, and is unwilling to let go of either of them. The following day, Balalaika begins her plans for the destruction of the Washimine Group.

23-"Snow White's Payback"
Balalaika's attacks reduce the manpower of the Washimine Group to a third of its former strength, and Yukio orders the Washimine Group members to abandon their strongholds to avoid the attacks. Discovering that Hotel Moscow is using electric company vans to execute their attacks, Yukio and Ginji use a similar van to rob a bank in order to point the police towards the Hotel Moscow vans. Following the robbery, Yukio muses about traveling to Roanapur with Ginji to start a yakuza group there. Revy and Rock meet with Balalaika, and Rock asks Balalaika to end the assault on the Washimine Group. Balalaika responds by holding Rock at gunpoint, but she releases Rock after he claims he is a villain like her. In a park near his parents' house, Rock admits to Revy that he returned to Japan to sever his ties with his former life, and that he has found the resolve to do so.

24- "The Gunslingers"
Rock joins Balalaika for her talks with the Kosa Council, and Rock asks Balalaika to completely destroy the Washimine Group in order to force Yukio to adopt a normal life. Balalaika agrees and kills the leaders of the Kosa Council. Balalaika informs Rock that Hotel Moscow's attacks on the Washimine Group will cease and Rock leaves with Revy. As they leave on a motorcycle, they are rammed by a van driven by Yukio and Ginji, who force Rock to lead them to Hotel Moscow's base. Revy manages to steal a truck and force Yukio to stop the van. Ginji and Revy begin to fight as Rock attempts to reason with Yukio. Rock deduces that Yukio felt forced into becoming part of the criminal underworld, and she admits that she wished her normal life could continue. This admission causes Ginji to pause momentarily, allowing Revy to fatally shoot him. Due to the deaths she feels responsible for, Yukio apologizes to Rock and commits suicide using Ginji's katana. When Rock returns to Roanapur, Balalaika sends him a picture of Yukio, and Rock remarks that he wants to see Roanapur from the "twilight" he is in.
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Second Season

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