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 Avatar the last airbender-Book 2: Earth

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PostSubject: Avatar the last airbender-Book 2: Earth   Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:36 pm

Book 2- Earth

Chapter 1-the State Avatar
After the victory in the tribe of northern water against the fire nation, Last Airbender episodes and friends goes to the South of the Kingdom of the Earth. Meanwhile, Zuko and Iroh are misled by blue saying to them that bring them back to the fire nation.

Chapter 2-cave Valentine
To continue the path, Last Airbender episodes, Katara, Sokka, Momo, Appa and some nomads through a cave, the cave of the two lovers. According to legend, to go out of the cave we must believe in love.

Chapter 3-the return to Omashu
Katara Sokka Last Airbender episodes, and receive a bad news in that Bumi was captured and try to "left" with blue.

Chapter 4-the wetland
Last Airbender episodes, Katara and Sokka entering a morass that has many illusions. Sokka has a vision of Yue, Katara has a vision of his mother and Last Airbender episodes has a vision of a girl with a boar albacore (Toph).

Chapter 5-day avatar
Last Airbender episodes, Katara and Sokka go to a city on the day of the avatar. From the beginning, they felt that it was a tribute to the avatars, but see that a huge protest dolls Giants are burned. The people think Last Airbender episodes in their lifetime, killed Shi, the conqueror.

Chapter 6-the villain blind
Last Airbender episodes, Katara and Sokka know Toph, a blind ground dobradora that can enxeragar through by feet and by folding the Earth. Last Airbender episodes asks her to be his teacher folding Earth.

Chapter 7-Zuko alone
Zuko is alone without his uncle and passes through a city of the Kingdom of Earth dominated by poor soldiers of the nation. During this voyage, Zuko recalls its past with her mother

Chapter 8-the persecution
The group is adapts with it, but Katara Toph and discuss. Blue, Ty Lee and may have been hunting Last Airbender episodes, Katara, Sokka and Toph.

Chapter 9-difficult
The day arrived, Last Airbender episodes will begin to learn how to fold the Earth but trouble. The same happens with Zuko, who is trying to learn how to fold the breakneck but learns to redirect it.

Chapter 10-the library
Last Airbender episodes asks for your friends to visit places he visited 100 years, one of them is in the desert. In the tour, the group know Zei, Professor of anthropology at the University of Ba Sing. Zei tells them that there is an underground library and Sokka thinks a good idea to visit because they can find something to defeat the fire nation. The Group discovers that before the Comet Sozin arrives, there will be a solar eclipse that leave the prize-doubling firearms without its folds.

Chapter 11-the desert
Appa is stolen and now the group will leave desert alone, at risk of life. Last Airbender episodes is with great anger, Katara is trying to keep calm and achieve a solution, Sokka is enraged because of the effect of a cactus, juice and Toph can see in the sand.

Chapter 12-crossing the serpent
The group comes ever closer to Ba Sing if, now they just need to go train travel in the meantime, however, a couple with pregnant woman lost their passes. The group help going by the dangerous crossing of the serpent.

Chapter 13-drill
The group sees a huge fire drill trying nation enters into Ba Sing. It is commanded by blue, Mai and Ty Lee. They try to stop the drill before drill between in the city.

Chapter 14-the city ramparts of secrets
The Group finally arrives in Ba Sing. For immediately, they want to talk to the King, but this will have to wait a month. They go to a party and long-everything about the city of secrets.

Chapter 15-the tales of BA Sing if
This episode account the lives of the characters in Ba Sing. Iroh makes a picnic in tribute to his son killed Lu Toph Katara and ten will a spa, Last Airbender episodes makes a Zoo animal Zuko has a meeting with a girl, poetry and Sokka makes Momo has problems with tigers. In the episode, there is a tribute to his late of Mako, Iroh.

Chapter 16-day lost Appa
The episode shows what happened with Appa after being stolen by prize-doubling desert sand. As a bison albacore can have entered into so much confusion.

Chapter 17-Lake Laogai camps
Ba Sing if is more different than I had imagined group. They discover that Long Feng stole its bison for blackmailing and forming brainwashing in people. Help the Group inkjet to find Appa, successfully.

Chapter 18-the King of Earth
The Group wants in any way give information to the King of the land that the Solar Eclipse and leave the fire inofencivos prize-doubling. With this, they break down the barrier of Earth Kingdom soldiers and shows to the King that there is a war going on.

Chapter 19-the guru
Reecontra-if Sokka finally with his father, Last Airbender episodes will air East temple to try and control the State avatar with a guru, Toph will see his mother but is captured and Katara and Momo are Ba Sing to speak to the King on the solar eclipse.

Chapter 20-Encruzilhadas destination
Katara is secured joint Zuko and the rest of the group more Iroh save it. Now makes his choice Zuko by choosing be blue side. Last Airbender episodes avatar is dead and saved state after by Katara with water from the spirit of Oasis.
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Avatar the last airbender-Book 2: Earth

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