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 Avatar the last airbender-Book 3: Fire

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PostSubject: Avatar the last airbender-Book 3: Fire   Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:40 pm

Book3: Fire

Chapter 1-the awakening
After weeks in côma, Last Airbender episodes awakens on board a vessel fire nation. First, he thinks who was kidnapped, but see that your friends is that stole the vessel. During all changes, glider loses its last Airbender episodes.

Chapter 2-tape
After a time in fire nation, Last Airbender episodes and friends need to change visual and masquerade to not being picked up. This last Airbender episodes is confused with a student of the school and invites friends who met for a ball.

Chapter 3-the painted Lady
To go through a poor village in the fire nation, Katara is sorry of inhabitants and makes possible to happy.

Chapter 4-the Sokka master
Once again, by feel useless in the group, Sokka demand a master who can teach him to be a espadachim. When the master, it receives a piece of white Shô Lotus's father.

Chapter 5-Beach
Mai Zuko, blue, and Ty Lee go to a beach fire nation. In the tour, the characters begin if say to each other around a campfire. Meanwhile, a man is attacking Last Airbender episodes, Sokka Toph Katara, and with the "power of the mind".

Chapter 6-Avatar and Mr fire
Last Airbender episodes now wants to know more about what happened to the whole war happening. He talks with Roku in spiritual world and discover many surprises.

Chapter 7-fleeing
After weeks of fire nation, Sokka Toph Last Airbender episodes and are starting to make money cheating in games of streets. With these fiddles, Katara and are stuck and Toph human combustion is attacking the group.

Chapter 8-Mrs of puppets
The Group knows Hama, dobradora water from South water tribe living hidden by the fire nation. The village is near terrorized because there in full moon night, a "witch" is controlling residents to go to the mountain by imprisoning them. Hama, witch, whether (and just having trouble) teach Katara folding of blood.

Chapter 9-nightmares and daydream
Missing a few days for the invasion and Last Airbender episodes is getting very eager and worried about it. Why not to have nightmares and daydream.

Chapter 10-Black Sun day: the invasion, part 1
Finally the day of the invasion and the tribe of water and the Kingdom of Earth presents its warriors to the group, including: Hakoda, knock, Haru, Duke, Tampinha, something and others. Last Airbender episodes will fight with Ozai, but not anyone in the Castle.

Chapter 11-Black Sun day: Eclipse, part 2
Eclipse arrives and Last Airbender episodes back to the group by saying that there is nobody, Sokka and Toph go along with it to fight but only are blue. Meanwhile, Zuko tells her father that now will join the avatar and defeat it.

Chapter 12-the West air Temple
Last Airbender episodes, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Haru, Duke, Teo, Appa and Momo go up the West air Temple. To arrive there, Zuko the waiting to say that has now changed and want to teach fire folding Last Airbender episodes but nobody believes therein mainly Katara, but then it persuades the group, defeating the human combustion.

Chapter 13-masters of Firebending
Zuko begins to teach fire last Airbender episodes the fold, but apparently it has lost its flame inside. They then decide from on a journey to learn how to fold the fire with their prize-doubling originals.

Chapter 14-boiling part 1 stone
Sokka decides to save his father and the rest of the prisoners, he and Zuko leave hidden in the war. Zuko is stuck in prison and Sokka is Suki but can't find her father.

Chapter 15-boiling part 2 stone
Sokka is his father, and together make a bold plan to escape from prison. But anything can go through water below with the arrival of blue, Mai and Ty Lee the island. Mai and Ty Lee end up in prison.

Chapter 16-South attackers
Katara decides to come to terms with the fire nation soldier responsible for the death of his mother but then she kills him but only leaves it very sad.

Chapter 17-Ruby Island players
A theatre group account the adventures of a different way with Last Airbender episodes and his friends, which leaves Toph chateados mainly Last Airbender episodes but is not.

Chapter 18-Comet of Sozin part 1: the Phoenix King
Zuko account to the Group on the master plan of the fire nation disappears and everyone Last Airbender episodes stagger and struggle along, Last Airbender episodes will stop on an island. Last Airbender episodes learns how to redirect rays.

Chapter 19-Comet of Sozin part 2: the old masters
The Group look for Last Airbender episodes. Meanwhile, Last Airbender episodes search past councils with their lives about what to do with Ozai, more is not so happy with the Councils, then discovers that the island is actually a giant tortoise Lion, a Council important, the group is attacked by four persons, Ozai begins with your primary and Comet plan of Sozin arrives.

Chapter 20-Comet of Sozin part 3: inside the hell
Comet Sozin arrives, and brings an immense power. The fire nation begins to destroy the Earth Kingdom. Mr Ozai fight fire with Last Airbender episodes and Zuko and Katara if advances to confront with blue, while Suki Toph, Sokka and delay the fire nation airships.

Chapter 21-Comet of Sozin 4th part: the Last Airbender episodes Avatar
Last Airbender episodes still struggling against Mr Ozai, while the fire with the help of Zuko Katara, fight a Agni kai with blue. Blue and Ozai are defeated. In the end, Zuko consege survive and turns of fire and declares peace between Nations.
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Avatar the last airbender-Book 3: Fire

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